Access to Affordable Capital While Earning High Interest


  • Start earning interest within 20 seconds after committing funds to the pool
  • Funds are not locked. Withdraw anytime
  • All loans are over-collateralized in smart contracts that monitor lending positions and will automatically liquidate in the event of a market risk
  • Lend and Borrow at the same time. Draw up to 75% from your committed funding at any time.

Everex recommended DeFi Provider:

What is Compound?

Compound is an algorithmic money market protocol on Ethereum that lets users earn interest or borrow assets against collateral. Anyone can supply assets to Compound’s liquidity pool and immediately begin earning continuously-compounding interest. Rates adjust automatically based on supply and demand.

Supplied asset balances are represented by cTokens: representations of the underlying asset that earn interest and serve as collateral. Users can borrow up to 50-75% of their cTokens’ value, depending on the quality of the underlying asset. Users can add or remove funds at any time, but if their debt becomes undercollateralized, anyone can liquidate; a 5% discount on liquidated assets serves as incentive for liquidators.

How to Earn with Compound:

  1. Register with Everex wallet and pass verification process;
  2. Send us email and we will respond with step by step instructions;

Trade On Exchanges With USDC and EVX

Trade On Exchanges With USDC and EVX From Your Bank Account

The World Crypto Markets At Your Fingertips

BUY CRYPTO From Your Bank Account

1. Add Money to the wallet to receive USDC or EVX

2. Send USDC or EVX to the Exchange of Your Choice

3. Trade Crypto

SELL CRYPTO To Your Bank Account

1. Sell Crypto to USDC or EVX on your exchange

2. Send USDC or EVX to Everex wallet

3. Withdraw to your local bank account or use free ATM cash pick up.*

Everex Wallet provides convenient and fast payment gateway between national currencies and digital assets stored on Ethereum blockchain. With the recent wallet upgrade, the application now supports USDC, DAI and native Everex token, EVX. Everex wallet is the best application for:

  • Stablecoin powered cross-border money transfers
  • Local currency cash INs and OUTs
  • Domestic payments with instant settlements
  • Earning interest with DeFi lending protocols
  • Fiat to cryptocurrency payment gateway.

Intelligent architecture makes private keys management intuitive and convenient for the end users and does not require sophisticated knowledge of crypto security. Basic Security Level allows users to operate without worrying of private key safekeeping, by using simple PIN code instead. Although such simplicity comes at price. The Basic level is limited to $1000 worth of combined worth of assets in market price and balance equivalents. The maximum total balance allowed to be kept in the wallet with highest security level is limited to the equivalent of $20,000 in stablecoins and digital assets.

Breaching Borders and Bridging Gaps

Everex offers stablecoin powered payment solutions, digital national currencies, money transfers and customer friendly ways to manage digital assets


No bank account or card required


Withdraw at ATMs


Transfers settle in seconds

Cost Effective

Lowest fees in the industry