Everex.Cash is a digital asset wallet application developed by Everex. It offers blockchain and smart contract powered features to manage erc20 tokens, including regulatory approved stablecoins and digital assets. With the recent wallet upgrade, the application now supports multiple Ethereum tokens, with first one listed is Thai Baht stable token, THBEX, and Everex's native utility token EVX. New tokens and payment gateways will be added gradually based on regulatory approvals and additional of a new geographical market.

With this update, Everex reshaping its focus towards blockchain industry adoption for users that are new to cryptocurrencies. As our user base mostly is accustomed to mainstream financial services, the Everex wallet is better applied to (stablecoin based) cross-border money transfers, domestic payments and digital assets trading at this point in time. Moderate size amounts of dealings are targets of the application, and the key to attract large user base. Intelligent architecture makes private keys management intuitive and convenient for the end users and does not require sophisticated knowledge of crypto security. For example, Basic Security Level allows users to operate without worrying of private key safekeeping, by using simple PIN code instead. Although such simplicity comes at price. The Basic level is limited to $1000 worth of combined worth of assets in market price and balance equivalents. The maximum total balance allowed to be kept in the wallet with highest security level is limited to the equivalent of $20,000 in stablecoins and digital assets.

Everex wallet transaction reporting engine is built on a top of in-house made Ethereum blockchain monitoring and analytical tool Ethplorer.io. However, each transaction can also be viewed and confirmed on any other independent Ethereum blockchain explorer app.

With Everex Wallet users will be able to:

  • Obtain digital fiat currency stablecoins and asset tokens in exchange for fiat deposits in multiple currencies;
  • Send money and make payments in different currencies and digital assets to anyone or yourself with or without a bank account in available markets;
  • Withdraw in a different fiat currencies either via ATM*, cash pickup*, or via bank account.

*Currently offered in Thailand and Myanmar.


Ethplorer is our own version of Ethereum blockchain explorer, which also serves as token monitor and viewing tool Ethplorer allows crypto investors, brokers, traders and enthusiasts alike to get all important information about any launched token on Ethereum along with an in-depth analysis including charts and transaction history to help our users apply their knowledge for better decision making.

Everex’s Ethplorer is a user-friendly Ethereum token monitoring, viewer and analytical tool that allows tracking transactions and checking the balance of specific addresses on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethplorer supports all tokens ever issued on Ethereum blockchain including ICO, IEO ans STO tokens.

Ethplorer is an already well renowned and leading platform in the crypto space. It shows you the information about Ethereum or other tokens from its blockchain for developers, as well as for the public.

Practical blockchain platform focused on smart contracts and custom token assets

  • Top 50 most active Ethereum Tokens
  • Ethereum Tokens Pulse, latest token transfers
  • Custom widgets for any Ethereum token to show their own pulse, transactions activity
  • Export transaction history in CSV format for accounting and data reconciliation
  • API for developers to obtain tokens data, create own wallets, design custom widgets for transactions and data filters
  • Mobile friendly optimization


Chainy is an independent, open-source, Ethereum-based smart contract (DApp), providing irreplaceable blockchain URLs or “aeon links”, permanent proof of existence for documents, and a public text-messaging service.

To put it briefly, its data exists for as long as the blockchain lives, independently from anybody. The data can be viewed at any time, on this and any future explorer that can access the Ethereum API — for example, Mist or open-source viewers.