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Legal Disclosure

Provision of Services

EVX Holdings Pte, Ltd, hereby Everex Network, is the licensed operator of Everex Wallet software. Digital assets represented in Everex Wallet, is a digital representation of value and function as a medium of exchange, unit of stored value, but does not have legal tender status. Digital assets are often times exchanged for various international fiat currencies. However, they are not backed or supported by any government or central bank. EMoney (aka Stablecoins) are backed by underlying assets, which may be regulated by jurisdictional central banks. EMoney are not covered by ECB Deposit Insurance or FSA IDD schemes. EMoney have an underlying layer of counterparty risk, aside of from the financial institution holding the stable asset in custody. Everex assumes no responsibility for related underlying counterparty risk or liability. Legislative and the evolving regulatory environment may impact actions at the governmental level and may adversely affect the use, transfer, exchange, and value digital assets.

Everex suggest that users should conduct extensive research and seek the advice from a registered financial professional. Several governmental agencies have also published advisory documents surrounding the risks of virtual currency.

Everex is not a bank and no digital assets you deposit using Everex Wallet website will be stored at a bank. Funds supplied to integrated lending protocols using Everex Wallet website and/or mobile app are not insured.

Access to (De)Centralized Finance (De/CeFI) Lending Protocols

APYs (Annual Percentage Yields) shown on website provided are variable and change frequently based on supply and demand for the underlying eMoney (Stablecoins) within integrated (de)centralized lending protocols. Everex does not set, control or profits from advertised interest rates. APYs displayed on website and/or mobile app is provided for informational purposes only, and is actual only for the time of viewing. The actual lending protocol displayed interest rates may be lower or higher than actually shown.

Everex Wallet is a digital asset management service that allows registered users to conduct services related to facilitation of payments using eMoney and services related to supply of funds into the integrated decentralized lending protocols.

You could lose money by accessing yields through the Everex Wallet website and/or mobile app. Although the integrated lending protocol(s) that Everex Wallet website and/or mobile app provides access to is overcollateralized and monitored by third parties for liquidations in real-time, neither Everex or integrated lending protocols can guarantee it will be monitored in the future. It is possible that integrated lending protocol(s) will not have enough liquidity at a time of withdrawal if the borrowing demand becomes high or for other reasons.