Trade on Largest Crypto Exchanges From Your Bank Account

Everex is the most cost-effective fast solution to move cash between you and the world's best exchanges

Cash or Bank Account

Stablecoin Direct Deposit


How it Works

Add Asset
Add Cash via Bank Transfer or send yourself an Ethereum token.
Manage and Swap
Swap between Cash, Stablecoins, and Crypto at NO EXTRA FEES
Send or Receive
Send or Receive payments anywhere in seconds in the currency of your choice
Withdraw to bank account or pickup at ATM* at no charge

Trade On Many Exchanges With USDC and EVX

Trade On Many Exchanges With USDC and EVX From Your Bank Account

The World Crypto Markets At Your Fingertips

BUY CRYPTO From Your Bank Account

1. Deposit USDC or EVX and pay with USD, EUR, or THB from your local bank account

2. Send USDC or EVX to Binance or other exchange

3. Trade Crypto

SELL CRYPTO To Your Bank Account

1. Sell Crypto to USDC or EVX on Binance or other exchanges

2. Send USDC or EVX to Everex wallet

3. Withdraw to your US, Euro or Thai bank or request free ATM cash pick up*.

Does your Exchange lack Fiat\Crypto Gateways?

Everex is the most cost-effective solution to liquidate Crypto to Fiat and to deposit Fiat on exchanges

Send or receive crypto

Deposit or withdraw fiat

Use Everex as your Cash <> Crypto gateway to save money and time when working with exchanges