The EVX Utility Token

EVX is the utility token of the Everex project.Get a 50% discount on all fees in the Everex ecosystem by using EVX as your payment method!

1. Why should I hold EVX?

EVX grants its holders a 50% discount on all fees occuring in the Everex ecosystem. Pay only 0.5% to withdraw your assets in cash or to send them anywhere in the world.

2. Where can I purchase EVX?

You can purchase EVX directly in the EVX wallet using bank transfers or swap them against your crypto assets. You can also acquire EVX on selected exchanges (view below).

3. Where is EVX being Traded?

EVX is currently being traded on Binance, Huobi, HitBTC and many other major exchanges. To view all available EVX markets, please consult the EVX page on CoinMarketCap. On these venues EVX can be traded anytime against ETH, BTC, USDT, and many other crypto assets.

4. EVX vs The Everex Stablecoin Solution

EVX is the utility token of the Everex ecosystem, and should not be confused with the Everex Stablecoin solution. The Everex Stablecoin solution represents selected national currencies on the Ethereum blockchain and allows Everex users to hold and transact in Fiat currency at the speed of the blockchain.


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