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Everex Network is a members-owned financial cooperative headquartered in Singapore. We aim to provide exclusive benefits to our business members engaged in cross-border trading of goods and services, and online commerce merchants.

Our goal is to empower global entrepreneurs and online business owners with accessible cross-border payments and credit facilities.

Everex is not a bank or a provider of financial services. We provide consulting, intermediary and advisory services to enable optimal and efficient handling of payments for our members.

What’s different

How we do it

Different approach

Except of EEA and UK, Everex onboards our members directly with our licensed exchange partners in respective markets to enable faster and direct conversions between local fiat and digital blockchain currencies. Once onboarded and with balance funded, your business is now free to send and receive payments from all over the world in one minute over blockchain. You can cash-out into your local currency through the local exchange partner, or pay your global counterparts using Everex platform in USD digital blockchain currency.

Innovation in card payments

For our online merchant members, with the help of blockchain technology, we introduce payment settlements made with the US dollar Stablecoins sent to your Everex account the same day of the sale, including weekends. Besides daily settlements, there is also chargeback protection along with low to zero processing fees, if you are enrolled in our card linking rewards program. With our service, you can initiate instant payouts to your affiliates, vendors, contractors, also in digital US dollars, that are exchangeable for local currencies pretty much anywhere in the world.

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