With the First Stablecoin Wallet

  • Add / Withdraw Stablecoins with Local Bank Transfer
  • Cash Out from Exchanges to your bank or ATM
  • Earn Interest from DeFi lending with your deposits*
  • Send Funds Globally In Minutes
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How it works

Secured by the Ethereum blockchain, and in partnerships with local service providers, Everex lets you send, receive, earn interest, and safely keep stablecoins and digital assets in a secured digital wallet.

Add Money

Buy stablecoins with local bank transfer or send digital assets to add to the balance. Your funds will be securely stored on blockchain.


Send funds to other people or to a lending protocol to earn interest. Your funds are received within one minute and at no additional fees.


Once your funds are received by the lending protocol smart contract you start earning interest. There is no lock of funds. Withdraw at any time.


Move funds from lending protocol to the wallet and from the wallet directly to your local bank account in minutes.

Use Stablecoins to trade on crypto exchanges or earn and borrow from lending protocols


Local money transfer

Stablecoin Deposit

Lending Protocols*

Earn from DeFi
Borrow from DeFi

  • Exchange Fiat currencies from your bank account to Stablecoins
  • Cash out Stablecoins from any cryptocurrency to your bank account or cash
  • Earn annual interest from lending protocols*
  • Open a credit line with your collateralized funds at any time

Trade On Exchanges With USDC, DAI and EVX

Everex Provides Access To Stablecoins From Your Bank Account

The World Crypto Markets At Your Fingertips

From dollars in the bank to dollars on blockchain

1. Add Money to the wallet to receive USDC or EVX
2. Send USDC or EVX to the Exchange of Your Choice
3. Buy or sell cryptocurrencies or digital assets*

From dollars on blockchain to dollars in the bank

1. You can sell crypto for USDC or EVX on the exchange of your choice
2. You can send USDC or EVX to Everex wallet
3. You can withdraw to your local bank account or via ATM

Everex Wallet provides convenient and fast payment gateway between fiat and stablecoins stored on Ethereum blockchain. With the recent wallet upgrade, the application now supports USDC, DAI and native Everex token, EVX. Everex wallet is the best application for:

  • Stablecoin powered peer-to-peer money transfers
  • Payment gateway for deposits and withdrawals
  • Domestic payments with instant settlements
  • Earning interest with DeFi lending protocols*
  • Fiat to cryptocurrency payment gateway.

Intelligent architecture makes private keys management intuitive and convenient for the end users and does not require sophisticated knowledge of crypto security. Basic Security Level allows users to operate without worrying of private key safekeeping, by using simple PIN code instead. Although such simplicity comes at price. The Basic level is limited to $1000 worth of combined worth of assets in market price and balance equivalents. The maximum total balance allowed to be kept in the wallet with highest security level is limited to the equivalent of $20,000 in stablecoins and digital assets.